EORH Surgeon Offers Rare Joint Replacement

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Martins Ferry – For years, orthopedic surgeons have cautioned knee replacement patients with the same warning – any implant can fail after years of use, and if that happens, it has to be revised. While the message is still true, Dr. John Michalski, orthopedic surgeon at East Ohio Regional Hospital, is the only local surgeon that now offers new patient customized joint replacement that dramatically reduces the need for revision with the newest technology in orthopedic surgery – VERI- LAST 30 – Year Knee and the VISIONAIRE Patient Match Technology. “Every year, I see a growing number of active adults who need to undergo a joint preservation or replacement procedure in order to get back to their normal, pain-free lives,” said Michalski. “Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks for these patients has always been the potential that they would wear out their implant. When that happens, a second surgery and recovery is necessary. With this new technology, we are able to minimize the need for that second surgery.

By utilizing the newest technologies in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Michalski and his surgical team at East Ohio Regional Hospital are the first and only area team to offer this joint replacement procedure. “This technology is truly groundbreaking,” said Michalski. “With the use of patient-customized equipment and the VERILAST 30-Year Knee, we are now able to give our patients the pain relief they need, the mobility they want, and the longevity they expect. Many of our patients want to end their knee pain for good while continuing their active lifestyles. In the past, 10-year knee was considered the golden standard for joint replacement procedures.

As a surgeon, the 30-year knee is not just an improvement; it’s a generational leap forward for all future joint replacement candidates.” VISIONAIRE Patient Match technology allows orthopedic surgeons to use a patient’s MRI and x-ray images to design and build surgical instruments customized to best fit the patient’s unique knee anatomy. In the past, traditional surgical instruments and procedures were one-size-fits-all. With the use of this technology, surgeons like Dr. Michalski can perform the entire knee replacement procedure with single-use instruments, engineered specifically for the patient’s knee. In addition to the VERILAST and VISIONAIRE technology, Dr. Michalski and his surgical team also offer alternative joint preservation and replacement procedures from nonsurgical methods as well as complex surgical approaches.

These approaches include similar intra-operative navigation options, stem cell technology, and other advanced orthopedic techniques only offered at East Ohio Regional Hospital’s state of the art surgical facility. “With the use of these technologies, we are driving the standard of excellence in the Ohio Valley by offering the best treatment options available,” said hospital president and CEO. “We strive to continue providing high quality care and exceptional health services to the people of our community.”